Will I Be Sore After a Deep Tissue Massage?

Will I Be Sore After a Deep Tissue Massage?

The massage therapist tends to use slow strokes and more pressure to ease the tension in your muscle which helps in relieving your pain during a deep tissue quality Russian massage Dubai. In case the muscles are extremely overused or too tight then you are likely to suffer from muscle aches. In such cases, it is advisable to get this massage. If you are suffering from neck pain, soreness, and/or back pain then this massage will help you in relieving them. If you are an athlete or tend to engage in high intensity workouts such as strength training, swimming, running, etc. then you will definitely find this massage beneficial.

Post-Massage Soreness

Feeling soreness after a massage is quite normal. Given that the therapist applies a considerable amount of pressure to the muscles, some soreness is to be expected. The pressure helps in reaching the muscles deep within and facilitating the breakdown of scar tissues as well as the scar tissues that might result in pain and inflammation. Also, the pressure applied during a massage helps increase the blood flow and transfer of nutrients. It also facilitates the removal of toxins. If you are not someone who regularly uses their muscles, then you are quite likely to experience delayed onset of soreness. But it is important to remember that not all soreness is bad soreness. The soreness that you feel after a massage is indicative that the muscles are healing well.

Tips to Relieve Soreness

Post-Massage soreness is usually very mild and should ideally recede in a day or two. The following tips will, however, help you in managing your soreness:


Staying hydrated is important not just for relieving soreness but also for the maintenance of a balanced as well as a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you are optimally hydrated before your massage. Keeping yourself hydrated after a massage is also important as it facilitates the removal of toxins that might surface during the massage. However, remember to drink healthy fluids like coconut water, fruit juice, or herbal tea rather than alcoholic drinks or caffeinated beverages.


The benefits of stretching are known universally and hence, most people around the globe also make sure that they perform some stretching exercises before they start working out and after they are done. Given that deep tissue massages have the same effect as working out, performing gentle exercises after the massage is recommended. This will help in releasing the tension in your muscle, improving flexibility, and eliminating stress.

Essential Oils

Deep tissue massages are not a form of relaxation. If anything, quite the opposite is true. This massage benefits your muscles in the same way a workout would. Hence, they can be quite intense. Essential oils are known for their relaxing effects. You can use them to relax and help you relieve the soreness. You can add these oils to your bath or to your humidifier. You can also combine them with the body oil and directly apply them to the muscles.


In spite of the delayed soreness that you might suffer, deep tissue massages are extremely beneficial especially if you engage in physical activities or are suffering from chronic pain. In order to truly experience the benefits of this massage, you can book a session at Elis Spa.

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