Best Offensive Strategies in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is taking the world of gaming by storm. It is a game that has many features such as collectible card games, tower defences and allows players to combat one another in a multiplayer battle arena. This game provides users a great way to engage in an activity that not only tests their wits and town planning strategies but also allows users to compete against one another in a match of power and brute force. This game has it all, and is an exciting way to spend time on a lazy Sunday evening.

Clash Royale is a game that can be enjoyed by one and all.

However, it is evident that players who have been following the game for a longer period of time have an advantage over the ones who are just starting out. The game requires some know-how and an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of all the moves one can make.

Here are some tips that can help you navigate your way through Clash Royale so that you are at par with your opponents

Best Offensive Strategies in Clash Royale

Patience Always Pays Off

It might seem like a disastrous idea to allow your opponent to make the first move. It might seem like your opponents will gain the advantage if you let them attack first. Although it might be nerve wracking to wait in an open field while your opponents make their way towards you, rushing your troops in is a bad idea. Once you lure the opponent to come in closer and attack you, a concentrated effort makes more impact. Launching the troops and the complimentary troops alongside the rest of your army is a great way to tackle an attack and will lead you to victory.

King Tower

The King tower is like the King piece in the game of chess. If you take your opponent’s king tower, you win. This means that it is important for you to concentrate on taking down the opposition’s tower without worrying too much about how much damage your tower is taking. If they have enough troops employed at your King tower no one is present at the defence side. Similarly, if you employ far too many troops to defend your tower you will not be able to damage the opposition.

Best Offensive Strategies in Clash Royale

Elixir is the Key

The resources are an important part of the game and should be given equal importance when you prepare a strategy for a game. The concept of the elixirs is very important in this game. A level four elixir allows users to destroy a level six elixir ball and hence it is important that one pays great attention to this resource. Also, it is highly likely that your opponent has the same amount of elixir, hence it is important that you use this resource judicially and effectively.

With these important tips in mind, one can gain some competitive advantage and helps you defeat more experienced players with greater ease. Follow these simple tricks to make sure you defeat all your enemies in the battlefield.